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About the artist

Agnieszka Marczak is an artist with many years of stage experience both in Poland and abroad. All her performances are full of passion and respect to the audience, which she dedicates herself to entirely from the moment of entering the stage. She is a professional contortionist, hula hoop master and prized belly dancer in front of a curtain and the Master of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering when the lights go out.

Although she began her regular professional performances in 2007, she made her stage debut at the age of four in front of a circus audience. Being a daughter of circus artists, she grew up with respect for art and the stage. Her participation in the finals of Polish “Got Talent!” show in 2013 was a valuable culmination of many years of practice and training. Since then Agnieszka has performed in 14 countries like Japan, China, USA, Qatar, United Arab Emirates or Israel. She is also the winner of many international competitions. She has been working with companies in Poland and abroad on a regular basis. So far, she has given over 700 performances, treating each one of them as a unique experience.

After presenting her passion in “Dzień Dobry TVN” and “TVN Turbo” shows, she was invited to host many acrobatic and dance trainings, during which she shares her passion with other people. As a certified instructor, she conducts stretching, Krav Maga self-defence and combat shooting trainings. Click more information.